Elias (Eli) the Wolf

          Elias is really a good friend of Bluefox especially after having helped him on so many homework assignments. Elias is not really one to act out or even go against the grain. He is very smart and loves to learn, but his ambitions only go so far. The most extreme actions that he does on his own is the attempt to apply and recreate what he learns, which at times may not be the safest action for him or for others!
 He is awfully shy to meet new people and doesn’t like to advertise his intelligence even though it is part of his very being and he can't really hide it. He is often too smart for his own good. He often is reading books and doing homework (even if the homework is not part of class). He is easily pressured into doing things with his friends and that is what forces him outside of his bubble of security. If it wasn’t for that he would be closed up in the lab for days on end.


          Bluefox is the namesake of the comic. As is apparent he really doesn’t fit in to the natural setting of all the other characters in the story. He is a deviation from the normal and is often willing to break comfort zones and shatter bubbles of comfort. He is the moving force that causes a true dynamic to the comic, and makes the adventure that exists in the comic. He is often getting into trouble, and then finding unique ways to avoid the consequences of the problems he causes.
          For how ambitious he is he is not very scholastically inclined but he is going to school because he can. His major is in art, but he is not sure which art to specify in. He believes that he is a master of all the arts from anything from literature, to music and drawing, but the harsher reality may be that he is not really that good at any of them; he just refuses to listen to the critics. He is always trying to “live in the moment” and make everyday a great and eventful occurrence.

Tyron (Ty) the Tiger

          Ty is kind of a buffering dynamic within the main group. He isn’t a genius but he is intelligent enough to get by. Most of the time he tends to be an enabler for Bluefox and the wild ideas that he has. Ty often more than anything loves to get under the skin of other characters but he is smart about it. He easily develops friendships but he loves to tease and play practical jokes on anyone.

          Ty is not afraid to deviate from the norm; in fact he actually enjoys it! He is often willing to do what others won’t, and he is often the catalyst that pushes ideas past just the act of being ideas. He is undecided as what to study in college, but he is more concerned in the opportunities that come his way and pushing his friends to actually meet their dreams and anticipations, while he develops and aspires to his own.

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