Bluefox comic has been in the works for about 4 years. It has taken a while to formulate it to a dynamic that it is today, but it will prove to be a lot of fun. Bluefox is about Bluefox the fox and his friends Eli, Ty, and more, and their adventures while they are going through life after high school. That may be in college classes, hanging out as friends or just any other situation that seems to come their way.Even though the comic has been in the works it is still very dynamic and a work in progress. It is much likely to evolve and become better the more feedback I get as the writer and illustrator of the comic. So as you can imagine I will depend a lot on all of you to help make this comic reach it's full potential. So please feel free and open to comment, post, share, like, and follow this comic. If you don't feel like you would like your comments to be public please feel free to email me. You can contact me by email on the email found under the contacts tab. 
      The comic is intended for family audiences so the general rating of all the strips and posts will be around the rating PG. As long as I get people commenting and sending in suggestions, I will do my best to make it appealing to all audiences that desire to read and enjoy this comic. 
       There is one side of all of this though. I am currently a college student and I am very short on time. These comics take some time to create and so do the parts of the webpage to create, so I ask all of you to please be patient and understanding. It is possible that during finals week there may not be any comics published due to the high demand of school. I will do what I can to keep up on the comic, but school is my top priority for right now.  Despite all this I will make a full effort to publish about one strip once a week. 
       Thank you so much for looking at Bluefox comics and for your support! Please check in weekly!

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