Thursday, October 27, 2016

Delays, Reworking, and More

              Hello Everyone. I first want to thank everyone that has been a great support to the little bit of art and effort that I have published and put into my comic. I really appreciate the comments, constructive criticism and advice that I have received. To be very honest, it has been great to take this step and start putting some of my work out there. I have a lot to learn and I appreciate the help that all of you have provided to help me become better and motivate me to continue.
              I have been going through a lot more life events that I had expected this school semester. To just put a story short is that I have been dealing with off episodes of depression and other problems and all at the same time I have moved closer to the university’s campus. It seems like I am finally finding my equilibrium again. I have been looking and watching off and on some of my favorite artists but working on my own stuff has been very slow and I have been lacking motivation.
              To add even more to all this I was having computer problems which resulted in replacing my old computer. Due to poor efforts to back up my work I lost everything that I had been working on! This has really set me back on my comic. I was very close to publishing the next panel, (It would have been published last week), but I lost it and I cannot find it anywhere.
              At first I was very upset about all of this, but I have decided to take it as an opportunity to analyze and rethink my comic and work. Since I have lost everything I am going to take it as an opportunity to reestablish myself and rework the comics storyline. I hope to make it much better. I have a lot to learn still and changing over to electronic medium has been a rather awkward step for me.
              I have never considered myself as a professional artist (in fact I have only ever had one art class that was required to get my associates degree and it only covered traditional art mediums and color theory). I am still a student, so my priority lies with passing my classes and getting good grades and scholarships, so there will still be periods of delay to publish the comic throughout my scholarly career. Writing and drawing Bluefox Comics and drawing pictures are just some of the things that I do to maintain my sanity while I am devoting most of my life to study.
              The new revision (and getting my grades up) will take me a few months but Bluefox Comics will become much better. I hope to give the comic more structure and depth with its context and because of continual practice and drawing my art will get much better as well as time goes by.
              Thank you for your patience and support. I will be posting artwork periodically as I practice, and create a better background for the Comic’s blog and such, so please check my pages on Inkbunny, Furaffinity, Weasyl and Deviantart. The links are listed below.

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